Rules and Procedures


  1. Parent assistance is vital to the success of the choir. Parent monitors are especially needed at all rehearsals in case of emergencies. (There is a small First Aid kit located in the DCC Cabinet at the back of the Rehearsal Room.) Please see Parent Info. sheet to volunteer.
  2. Parents, grandparents and interested members of the community are always welcome and are encouraged to observe rehearsals as space allows. However, we ask that you please not carry on conversations while in the rehearsal room.
  3. When dropping off or picking up singers, parents are urged to be aware of traffic and parking patterns for the DAC. Please be prompt in picking up children after rehearsals. Any child not picked up more than 15 minutes after the rehearsal will be in danger of being excluded from the DCC, unless prior arrangements have been made with one of the directors.
Durham Children's Choir -- P.O. Box 61334 -- Durham NC 27705